Thursday, May 26, 2011

BIG music video!

Hey Toons! Sk8rman here, I just wanted to tell you, I need a bunch of people for my music video.

This song is called “Sweet Victory” by “David Glen Eisley”
So, I need around 10 people (not including me) to be in this video.
I need;
At least 3 people on a regular guitar.
At least 2 people on a Bass/Clown guitar.
At least 4 people on Drums.
At least 1 person on Congas (the other drums).
And I’m going to Pre-Record part of the keyboard, as I want it to be individual for that part, but I’m going to do keyboard in the rest of the video.

I’ll be doing this in like 4 different places;
Karaoke Krater, Rock Monster, Red Club Deck, and Mall Deck.
I’m doing this on THIS MONDAY at 7:00 EST/4:00 PST!
I really need people to do this, just post a comment with your Toon name and instrument you want to use, I need to know how many people are going to be there, if you don’t choose an instrument, I’ll tell you which to use ;)
Thanks guys!

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